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Music Services

As a professional pianist, musical director and arranger, Geoffrey is able to offer the following services

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Rehearsal Tracks

Customised tracks for rehearsal purposes to help prepare you for an upcoming audition or performance. Tracks can also include a recording of the vocal line to assist in learning. The music you provide should reflect exactly how you are intending to perform the song.


Geoffrey is able to work with you to create a Piano/Vocal score of a unique and personalised arrangement of a song for all performance settings from an intimate cabaret to a gala concert.


As an experienced orchestrator, Geoffrey has written charts for small combos in cabaret or corporate settings to full symphonic arrangements for concert halls and national television.

Image by AKA Australia, 2015

“Geoffrey Castles’ musical direction is impossibly sharp and lush, given he’s dealing with a small 12-piece orchestra locked away in a room behind the stage.”

- Ben Neutze, Time Out Aspects Of Love review 2019 

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