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Vocal Coaching

A vocal coach is an essential part of your team. While your voice teacher will work on improving your actual singing ability through technical concepts, with a vocal coach performance and style come first.

Geoffrey has an extensive knowledge of repertoire and the musical theatre canon and is a highly experienced and sought after vocal coach.

He will work with you on style, genre and what the voice quality needs to be for any particular song.

Geoffrey will help you find new repertoire and teach you the music. Being a highly accomplished pianist he can also make you piano tracks and assist with self tapes.

In coaching sessions you will also work on storytelling to put the finishing touches on your audition or performance material.


Geoffrey has coached artists for successful auditions, prepared actors for principal roles in commercial productions and worked in tertiary institutions including the National Institute of Dramatic Art (Sydney) and the Victorian College Of The Arts (Melbourne).

Geoffrey is based in Melbourne (Australia) and is available for regular or casual sessions in person or online.

Please contact him if you would like to know more.

Image by Michael Beckley, 2020

"The musical direction in this production is outstanding. Castles is obviously a master of vocal direction. Songs For A New World requires a virtuoso pianist – and Castles is also brilliant in this role."

- Sally McKenzie, Theatre Press review 2016 

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