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Repertoire revival

An Audition Book is a well curated selection of material that you love and sing well that, taken together, provides a clear picture of who you are as an artist.

(Claudia Friedlander, The Singer's Audition & Career Handbook)

If you are feeling uninspired by your current repertoire, looking to do a bit of spring cleaning and in need of a quick fix then you have come to the right place.


Geoffrey is an experienced and leading Musical Director who has been part of the casting team on productions in Australia and internationally.


Using this experience Geoffrey will spend a session with you sharing his knowledge on how to curate a personalised audition book. You will learn a formulae that will guide you in putting together your book.


In addition, after hearing you sing Geoffrey will also suggest 10 songs that may be suitable to you to add to your repertoire and encourage your journey in seeking out new material.


This one-off session is suitable for professional artists at all stages in their careers.

Geoffrey is based in Melbourne (Australia) and available to work with you in person or online.

Get in contact​ to enquire about availability.
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