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advanced reboot

An Audition Book is a well curated selection of material that you love and sing well that, taken together, provides a clear picture of who you are as an artist.

(Claudia Friedlander, The Singer's Audition & Career Handbook)

If you are struggling to put together your own book and feel that you respond well to a structured process with external accountability you have come to the right place.

Geoffrey is an experienced and leading Musical Director who has been part of the casting team on productions in Australia and internationally.

Geoffrey will guide you in creating a complete audition book of 10 to 15 songs that will highlight vocal strengths, showcase acting chops, embody type, and speak to you on a deeply personal level. This will see you prepared in advance for audition briefs and you will learn how keep your book up-to-date for the rest of your career.

The Advanced Reboot is a 10 week program designed for triple threats and strong singing actors who are confident with their vocal abilities and need to be able to call on a wide variety of material.

This program is suitable for professional artists at all stages in their careers. 


Geoffrey is based in Melbourne (Australia) and available to work with you in person or online.

Get in contact​ to enquire about a free consultation.

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